Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steel Counting

From the statistics I receive, this blog has an audience.
The figures are nothing to shout about, only that it is interesting. We have readers from far away Africa, Australia, UK, Saudi Arabia. Wow! We NSC folks have really invaded the world. I even wonder who is in Jakarta? In the US, we have readers in Maryland, North Dakota, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Michigan, California. In Canada, I see viewers from Alberta and British Columbia. Of course, fellow NSC colleagues from our beloved Philippines and Ontario (our second home) are keeping track too.
This just proves that the NSC community is still interested in where the others are. Despite the passing of years, diverse paths some of us have taken, and the silence some have chosen, there is still a bond that keeps us together.
I hope your contributions keep coming. While on the subject of articles, I have received e-mails and phone calls from would be contributors who says they are still drafting. Dude, let me remind you that this is not an essay writing contest. Write as you speak, write from the heart, write just for the fun of it, then click send.
To all of you, thanks a lot for dropping by. May we keep the blogging mills rolling.

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