Friday, November 28, 2008

Steelrolling - R Palisbo

My Steel Life is in STEELROLLING.

I volunteered for the 2nd Batch of the Retrenchment, but Steve C. did not want me to go as he wanted to keep me as part of the skeleton crew. I had to ask the man (Big Boss, MQV) who hired me in 1977 to include me for the 2nd batch. After leaving my beloved NSC, I joined LPN PLATE MILL of Bangkok,Thailand for 5 yrs, then to PT GUNUNG GARUDA of Indonesia (a Plate Mill) for8 months. I was then sent to commission the 1st 2 stand Reversing Mill of the world (2-stand Steckel Mill) in Nova Hut Minimill of Ostrava, Czech Republic w/ Kaiser engineers as Start-up & Commissioning Superintendent, for 2 yrs then with Tippins Inc.

As Technical Support Rolling consultant for the commercial run at the same location, I went back to PT Gunung Garuda to commission their Steckel mill. After the Historic 911, Tippins is started melting like the twin tower of New York but later merged w/ SMS-DEMAG . A new Team is organized under the TFS Godfather. A new field service is coming come September 2009 in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain (Ros Casares Group). My Principal in Pittsburgh has already asked me if I can join them on this new project.

STEELLIFE is in my bloodline. Happy Thanksgiving to All...



  1. Rey,
    Thanks for reconnecting.

  2. Rey,
    Can you e-mail me at

  3. Hello Kaibigan Rey,

    Nag-diet ka? Bitaw, glad to see you blogging here in this site. Thanks too to Ervin and Emma for initiating this blogsite. As usual they are the heart and soul of the NSC alumni in Canada, and all over. I actually just started viewing this site and greatly appreciate the blogs and pictures posted

    It is good to know about your past work (and exploits) in different steel plants worldwide. Your principal (and I'll just take the liberty to name him), Al Caprioti, may be done with the Spain project. We are trying to get him for a start up project in Istanbul. By we, I mean me and Don Adair - he is actually the main contact, and I am just helping out. Maybe you can get involved here, it is a new continuous Hot Mill.

    All for now,Kaibigan.BTW , nice pics in your weblink

  4. Hi Edwin,
    Nice to hear from you.

  5. Kaibigan Edwin,

    I have to maintain my BMI ,,,my foot,legs can't carry my body anymore, Fourting gulanga,, ask we get older...our bones getting weaker+athritis ...
    Sa U.S. ang obese dili healthy...Kantyawan ka sa tennis court kung dako ka ug tyan unya dili ka kadagan.
    about the Principal,
    I was thinking before nga mauna ang Turkey project,but he said Brava steel will be my next destination,.whichever comes first.

    Looking forward in seeing you both w/ Don in future undertakings. steellife pa rin.