Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where are you now?

To start this blog, I am posing the question "Where Are You Now?"

You can write a little about your NSC life and more about your life now (only if you want). If you'd rather not, just tell us where you are. I am starting...

Ervin and I moved to Canada in December of 2000 with our then 12 year old son. While I was mostly assigned to Projects at NSC, I am now doing something completely different in Tor0nto. I am connected with the Ontario Provincial Government and our office handles applications for social assistance benefits. No, I don't give out cheques but yes, I have learned a lot about schizophrenia, fibromyalgia and ACSD.

Ervin on his part is now connected with a Canadian law firm which handles mostly corporate accounts. Gone are the days of concrete testing, steel fabrication and pile driving for him. As a help desk analyst, his lingo now consists of document formatting or corruption, user support, network access, and applications training.

It would be nice to hear from everyone (puede binisaya). Here are some questions just for guide:
  • What departments were you assigned at NSC then?
  • What year did you leave NSC?
  • Where did you go, what company did you work for after NSC?
  • What industry are you related now?
  • Who are the other former NSC employees you still keep in touch?
  • What do you remember most about NSC?
And if the writing mood strikes you, write more. We won't mind.
To connect, use either the comments section below, or at my e-mail at emarene0130@gmail. com.


  1. Thanks Tet and Jette for responding.

    BUT, where are your "Where are you now" response?

  2. I was in my second paragraph of my version of 'life after steel' when I accidentally hit a wrong button and everything just went poof!

    I will try my luck another day... what a luddite!


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  4. Me, Steel Rolling pa rin ang nasa isip ko bisag wala na NSC, kahit nasa Healtcare business muna as filler Job., while waiting for new Field service assignment. Might be in Valencia,Spain w/ the Ross Casares group...come September 2009.

    Ang Buhay ay Weather+Weather Lang...use it live w/ it and of course enjoy your new job...

    My early X'mas Greetings to ALL Kaibigan...