Friday, December 26, 2008

What's In A Name? - Part 2

We are very careful about people combinations. For example, MALOU-PETE could create some personnel problems; even worse if we put together SABINO-TAN (we will all end up looking like Pasig’s KOJAK). DENNIS-JIMENEZ might become a comic strip childish menace. MALU-BENNY may sound Japanese. More so with YAMUTA-SATO. WASSMER-SUIZO will seem European. PRINCIPE-AMANTE smacks of Tagalog movie fiction. ROQUE-BALBOA may remind people of Sylvester Stallone. SIANGCO-NERI will pertain to the original James Bond. FRANK & ESTAN would be a horror movie about a man-made monster (this gets really bad if DACULA joins them). ILLUT-NES can emulate the crime-buster in the TV series “Untouchables”. GRANADA-NACASABOG will be an explosive tandem. While OMBRA-CRUZABRA could provide the magic ORACION for human hocus-pocus, DIOSO-ESPIRITU-SANTOS can invoke divine intervention when things get really tough. ANDY-LIM will reminisce about the brownouts of the 1990s. LEONG-AGO has become obsolete for today’s challenges. TITA-NICK might sink the unsinkable. ABAN-DON should not give up too soon. BUOT-TAN will be too good to be true. CHING-CO supervised by JESS could imply nickel-and-dime PITOGO operations when we ought to be thinking big -- such as RIBU, EMIL-LEON, BILLONES and TRILLOn. RECIBE-CABIGON can lead the accounts receivable/collection committee. PANDO-NOYNAY sounds like they can produce a lot of bread for the treasury coffers particularly if BILL-DING continues with the construction projects. ERASMO-AGAD can handle urgent matters. ALY-MAGNO must overcome their crab mentality. PAO-SIAO will help when we need some Chinese dirty tricks, or its reverse SIAO-PAO when we get hungry, which is precisely the trouble with a GO-TOM combination that could lead to the opposite over-eating predatory extreme if LINA-MON or GLO-TONY enter the picture. The combination of CONSEJO-MAGPAYO-PAYUMO would be a good choice for advisors. If we pirate back Celso, who went to Singapore, we could create a LEE-MA-HONG trio for low-cost (hindi naman LIBRES) acquisitions. Five guys can even start to compose a nursery rhyme: “BIEN, BEN, the SARAZIN, the CASTILLO, the ALMAZAN……

APO/NJO/ROL/GTB keep bragging that everyday, somebody somewhere is wishing them a “happy BERT-day”. ASL is ecstatic on TUS-days. VTS insists that nothing could be better than SATOR-day because it is a part of the weekend (actually, SABIDO and DOMINGO can claim the same thing). In an attempt to complete the week, we can count on MANDY or RUNES, WINNIE’s day, HUEVOS and VIERNES. ADLAWAN won’t care much which particular day you prefer. AMR and RJR are vying for attention of the weatherman who constantly declares either a SONNY day or a RENE day or, if undecided, a cloudy day. During a thunderstorm, MAGLINTE and QUIDLAT will dominate the scene. But be careful, baka ka tamaan ng WING-TIEK. At night, ESTRELLA, MUTIA and BITOON MARIQUIT (celestial objects within the ESTARES category) will shine together with BULAN or MOON (as RET is called in Iligan). The following morning, pagdating ng OMEGA, the RAYOS DEL SOL will emerge.

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