Monday, January 26, 2009

Toronto Commuting

Commuting in Toronto is better the TTC way. TTC is of course the Toronto Transit Commission, a public transport authority that operates buses, streetcars, subways, and rapid transit lines in Toronto. The TTC operates the third most heavily-used urban mass transit system in North America (after the New York City Transit Authority and the Mexico City Metro). There are three subway lines and one elevated rapid transit line with a total of 69 stations, as well as 149 connecting "surface" routes (buses and streetcars). If ever you are in Toronto, make it a point to take the TTC, however before doing so, read below.

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The average daily ridership of the TTC exceeds 2.46 million passengers. With these number, it is no wonder that some commuters seem to forget some basic commuting etiquette like . . .

1) Feeling superior at the bus stop. Use your eyes, yo! I've been braving the cold wind here. Just because you look so cool with your hoodie/cigarette/new clothes does not give you the right to go ahead and stand at the beginning of the line. My toes are freezing because I did not watch the weather news, and I came to this very spot earlier than you did, thus your place is at the end of the line.

2) Feeling reality show contestant at the bus station. A close cousin to etiquette no. 1. Please no jostling, bumping, elbowing everyone else just to get in. The bus is big and we will all fit. If we don't, there is always another one a few minutes after. This is not "The Amazing Race" or "Survivor".

3) Escalator Rides 101. On the escalator. Stay on the right when you prefer to enjoy the ride. When you are on the left, please bend the knees and walk up as someone behind you wants to get to their destination faster.

4) The fully loaded backpack. A lot of people who slug those bags behind them don't even care if they hit someone. How can I enjoy my power nap if your backpack keeps hitting my face everytime the subway stops?

5) The seat hogger. Do I have to give you the dagger look so you will give up the seat where you placed your laptop, bag, or the other half of you?

6) Here's Entertainment. Ladies, leave the make-up in your bag and put them on in the privacy of the washroom. I did not take this bus/subway ride to watch you put on mascara, lip liner, or clip your nails. Then after putting on lipstick, you take out gum to chew. Duh, forgot to brush teeth too?

7) More Entertainment. Talking too loud on the cellphone. Yes, there are times I feel like eavesdropping on other people's conversation, but then if they talk in their native tongue the conversation becomes no longer interesting but so irritating and boring.

8) Chivalry is (not) dead. Remember, it is your option to give up your seat for the ladies. It is an "to each it's own world" and we female riders are used to it already. But please be considerate of the elderly, the pregnant, the disabled. A little kindness won't hurt.

Ah, Toronto life...

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This is my 4th post to the series "Toronto Life"


  1. We should be thankful for the public transpo in Toronto, because here in Ottawa they are still on strike for more than 40 days now. Ang gi-awayan kung kinsa ang mo-manage sa schedules sa mga bus drivers. Sa ako-a, dapat ang management ug dili ang mga union.

  2. Bing,
    So, no bus service for the past 40 days already?