Monday, January 12, 2009

Toronto Life - Tim Horton's

If you are not a coffee drinker in the Philippines, chances are you will become one in Toronto. If your brand was Nescafe in the Philippines, chances are in Toronto (or Canada) - you will become a Tim Horton's fan. Toronto's coffee scene is not complete without Tim Horton's. But, who and what is Tim Horton's ?

Tim Horton was a hockey player with the Maple Leafs in 1939. In 1967 Tim became full partners with former police officer and franchisee of Tim Hortons Store #1, Ron Joyce, although the first Tim's opened in 1964. Tim died in 1974 in a car accident while travelling from a game.

There are more than 2,800 stores across Canada. In 1995, Tim Hortons merged with Wendy's International, Inc. This is the reason Tim's is now found in several states like Michigan, Maine, Connecticut, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York.
There are a lot of reasons to get that Horton's cup of coffee. My reason ranges from :
  • They are available almost anywhere : as stand-alone stores, in malls, highway outlets, universities and hospitals. But be warned -- there is almost always a line-up.
  • They are affordable - Tim's medium costs $1.27 compared to the American Starbuck's tall size at $1.89 - (both 12 oz)
  • They taste good - I'll take double-double any time. For the uninitiated, that's coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar.
  • They are easier to order - again compared to Starbucks. I can never pronounce those Espressos, Valencias, and Mocha Valencias.
  • They have other beverage choices too - like seeped tea, cafe mocha, hot chocolate, or iced capuccino.
Before you head out for that coffee -- check this out. . .

This is so true -- try it.

This is my 2nd post to the Toronto Life Series

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  1. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker. Even when I was reviewing for the Board Exam, coffee didn't give me a perk during the wee hours. But when I drank coffee, it would usually be lasaw.

    Now that I've moved to another country, I've become a coffee lover. I consume about 3-cups a day. In Pinas, coffee is decaf and seldom can you order one mixed with liquid creamer. It always come with milk. Most kababayans think that brewed coffee is always barako from Batangas. I think they prefer to drink tea more than coffee.

    Have you tried drinking tea with milk yet?

    - Knappy