Thursday, January 8, 2009

WHAT’S IN A NAME ? - Part 4

Because these guys work hard for long hours, meals became a big concern here. Parang RESTAURO, DAGSAN ang mga pagkaon. Usually, naka BANDOJA-do pa dahil sa dami. Hindi ka MACARANAS ng gutom. You can practically JAVIER cake and eat it too. If you are always ma-GANA, you will become PAT and overweight unless you watch your MENDIETA. CLM frequently starts his day with a heavy al-MOZAR. Others, such as PMT, are contented with just coffee or TE. For health and vitality, MELO endorses a chocolate drink. Tony suggests TINAMPAY as Robert provides the HAM and Monching adds the BACON. FRANK-furters are preferred by Valencia and Dosdos (two pieces for each of them, i.e. BARICUATRO lahat). At the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, they serve LAPUZ batchoy. For a light lunch or dinner, you can have a CESAR salad or lumpiang ABUD. If you want seafood, there is the canned SADERNAS, the blue MARILYN or the ARELLANOng bangus. Somebody else wants arroz-PACALDO, and this is where you need BUGAS. Jim and Teddy reminded us to be careful of CASTRO-enteritis in our food intake. That’s why we have the cooking gear: PARILLA or GUIHAWAN (for grilled inihaw), CAWALING (for fried and sauteed dishes), CALDERON (for steamed food) and JOVEN (for baked items), in most cases using the heat of the nagba-BAGA na QUINALAYO fueled by GAAS. Anyway, many employees are skilled in the COLINARES art of cooking, kahit marami ang REGADO in the recipe. Don’t overdo the cooking, baka si-NONOG ang mangyari. For your meat requirements, try the naGUILING or TALADTAD na karne. ASB and Monsada insist on FRED chicken na CRISpy ang pagkaka-BRITO, rather than chicken CORY or ANGUS beef. Kung wala kang cholesterol constraint, subukan ang LEE-CHONA (the female has better skin complexion and lesser matigas na muscle). AZURIN is suggested as POLUTAN when drinking beer, particularly Cerveza NEGRE. Then wind up with va-NILA SUNDAE, CHAKA-late cake and banana TORRION for dessert. Or if you want native delicacies, you can go for puto CONCHITA, gi-NATAN or bibingka CACANINDIN. However, if your stomach is full and/or your wallet is empty, hanggang JOSIE Fruit chewing gum ka na lang. During PASCUA evenings, you may want PUTONG BONG-BONG. Just eat it fast, para hindi MAGLASANG PANES. Pag NATINGA, you know what to do after eating. POLITO might be able to help. What you can’t consume, puwede MABALOT. Just be sure to put it in a VASQUEZ na walang BASLOT. Thereafter, you can get your lighter to make CINDY your WINSTON or, if you prefer, PHILIP or SALEM. Just don’t touch the “MARY JANE” stuff.

We have a virtual vegetable and flower garden with a small orchard. Is it because our factories are called “PLANTS”? And our personal absences are called “LEAVES”? And our sub-offices are called “BRANCHES”? And we communicate officially via the “TRUNK” line and informally thru the “GRAPEVINE”? And our analytical approach to choosing preferred alternatives is guided by the decision “TREE”? And our family origins are called “ROOTS”? And the cluster of fuel storage tanks is called a “FARM”? And the females have monthly cycles that culminate in their ‘MELON” days? Perhaps the yes-men in the organization took their “agree-culture” a little bit too far. Growing and blossoming in our midst are CELERIO, PARAGOSO, CONDOR (goes with patora and carabasa), ESPINA (you know, the favorite of POPOY and his girl OLIVA Oyl), GARBANZOS and LOMONGO. If you want a hot dish, just spice it up with CHELY and VAMIENTA. Please BABARAN lang with your favorite patis (RUFINO or LORENZANA) or use Silver SUAN soy sauce para hindi ma-FAITH and lasa ng gulay. Use the PANDAN scent to have a delicious HAMOY. Never mind the IVEY, it may be of the poisonous variety. There are two corn-growers: CORNELIO and CORNELIA whose crops are secured and guarded by KERNEL Belen, KERNEL Santos and KERNEL Tan-Gan. We have a variety of FLORES, providing a welcome sight, sound and smell: ROSE, ROSA, ROSAL, DAISY, LILIA, FLORA, FLORITA and CAMOMOT from the female gender; FLORANTE, FLOREDO and SAM-paguita from the other gender. We also have the new varieties such as LAG-ROSAS, ROSA-LES, hya-CYNTHIA and EN-CARNACION. Quite appropriately, they use the LOTUS software in their computer work. The flowers come in different colors but the clear favorites are ODILAO, PAULA and QUIMSON.

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