Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's In A Name? - Part 6

When there is singing and the musical beat is alluringly right, the feet begin to move and the body starts to sway. Especially when the sounds of music and noise grow progressively LLAUDER. At this stage, SABAYLE, ADANZA and DENSING lead the way to show everybody that they are very good DANCELs with their fancy footwork. They got a lot of practice at Rico’s DESCO-TIDO. If the energy level is high, they do the La BAMBA before switching to DACOCO-RACHO and eventually to the ZALSOS. However, when the crowd wants more artistic and stylish movements, then TAN-GO will begin. For cultural ascendancy, some of the ladies will dance the BELEY, with classical music from the philharmonic orchestra. During fiesta days, they put on masks and body-paint and gyrate rhythmically to the Ati-atihan drum-like cadence punctuated by yells of “JALA, VERA!”

NSC people are careful about excessive physical exertion (huwag ZOZOBRADO), from various ACTUB-ities, whether at work or at play. This is to avoid illness that could trigger a dangerous chain of events as follows: BAIN (that masakit feeling, usually in-the-neck or in-the-ass), GAMUTAN (as you get medication), PICCIO (as they try to fix you), COMA (if you get worse), MANGINSAY (when you have spasms), PATAYON (if you don’t recover at all), PAZ-QUIOGUE-NACIONAL (where you will thereafter end up on display, with or without your consent), EMETERIO (where you will be taken for your permanent residence), HOCK-HAI (who will take you six-feet under), AGNAS (as your mortal remains get processed by nature) and ASIS (when you are ultimately and physically reunited with nature).

The organization is overflowing with Biblical names as chronicled by the EVANGELISTAs in their EVANGELIOs. Of course, we have the usual heavenly First Family JESUS, MARIA and JOSE, together with the apostles PEDRO, JUAN, TOMAS, JAIME, MATEO, etc. (and their various Western equivalents). But what really MERITs attention are the nomenclature (including exotic labels) such as ABRAHAM, ABEL, MOISES, NOE, SAMUEL, DAVID, ELIAS, ELIEZER, EPHRAIM, EXEQUIEL, LEVI, ENOC, SAMSON, SIMEON, ABSALON, BENJAMIN, VERONICA, ELOI, MAGDALENA, MIRIAM, REBECCA, RUTH at EVA pa. Their very names keep reminding us to be holy and full of ENGRACIA, living a life of VIRTUDAZO and staying in a state of GRACE. Especially during the period of CUARESMA. To be a good CATOLICO, we ought to go VISITACION regularly to the TEMPLO (kaunting kasalanan), SIMBAHON (venial sin only) or CATEDRAL (kung mortal sin already). If you have no sin, you must be INOCIAN. It’s not only the HERMITA living in the ABBEY who should pray their regular DALANGINs (while kneeling down in the naka- LOOD position) and do the many ESTACIONs of ANGWAY of the CRUZ. Kailangan magpa- tayo lahat, para malinis ang BLESSBUDJI, and thereby become SAGRADO and MAGRACIA.

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