Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memoirs ni Manoy by EVCabrera - Part 2 of 5

The IISMI Years

It was in 1968 that I joined the workforce of the Iligan Integrated Steel Mills (IISMI) as Electrician Leadman in the installation of the Electrolytic Tinning Line. My team in the initial stage was composed of only 4 including myself. With me was one welder (Ben Mangila), two Electricians (Getutua Santos and Pat Beniga). My field supervisor was Ric Virtudazo and our overall Job Supervisor was the late Mang Estong Malanum. In fourth week of January I was given additional manpower with Boy Cui, Delfin Cantal, Ramie Manseras, etc. with the instruction to complete the installation by Oct. 1968.

In this job the most difficult task was the installation of 144 bus runs of copper bars. With good team work we were able to finish the job 2 months earlier than schedule. ( Note that 20 years after, my good compadre Ramie Manseras became my boss in the initial stage of our Hot Mill no. 2 project. ‘Ang istorya sa among pagka-kumpare ingon ani: sa bunyag sa akong bag-ong anak adtong panahuna nga si Cristine (Bebot) gihangyo nako siya nga magpadrino’. Immediately he said “Nganong ako man bay nga daghan man ug dagkong ranggo diha?” Then I told him “Paminaw nako modako gyud kang tawo ning plantaha. Ug ayaw baya kalimot sa akong mga anak kon mahitabo na kay kon kalimtan gani nimo, sumbagon ko gayud tika”.)

I love IISMI very much because this is where I found the satisfaction of practicing my engineering profession, but I can never forget how difficult the application process was when you didn’t have the proper connection and influence (o hinigtan nga kanding). Imagine, ‘ingnon lang dayon ka, “walay bakante”’ The hiring office was outside the plant site and you were required to get a note from Mr. PC Benitez, Jr. who was inside the plant when in fact no outsider was allowed to enter. I was forced to disguise myself as a sales agent in a polo barong attire and requested the guard for entrance to see Mr. PCB. Then I introduced myself to PCB and because of my good credentials I immediately got the required note to support my employment application.

I immediately went back to IRD office but the guy was not impressed and asked, “Giunsa man nimo pagsulod sa planta?” “Ayaw nag labadlabara ang imong ulo niana bay, ako na nang problema” was my immediate response.

There were bad memories… but honestly, good memories dominate in my years with IISMI and NSC. I will write some milestones in these memoirs of mine - all things that I could remember.

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  1. EVC,
    I believe this comment was meant for you sent to my e-mail.

    Good idea on the "memoirs". Already I'm hooked with the first part. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  2. EVC,

    i salute you for doing this piece...i enjoy reading it and like Emma, i can't wait for the next...

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