Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lucky Raccoon

Spring time in Toronto also means raccoon time.

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals native to North America. Although raccons original habitats are deciduous and mixed forests, they have adapted living in urban areas. Raccoon families can be fun to watch, but they also create problems with property owners and residents. These raccoons carry rabies and can cause enormous repair costs by their destruction of your attic.

But here is where it gets interesting :

Homeowners are advised not to remove raccoons by themselves. Professional wildlife removers should be hired to do these.

Baby raccoons are not to be harmed. They will be turned over to the Humane Society.

You cannot fire guns at them as firing of guns in Toronto is illegal.

Placing poison out to kill these animals could result in criminal charges.

Raccoons that show abnormal or sick behaviour should be reported to Toronto Animal Services.

Current Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines state that using body gripping traps or placing poison could result in criminal charges and/or provincial charges with fines up $5,000.

Gosh, life in these islands how lucky can these raccoons be.

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