Friday, April 24, 2009

What's in a Call Sign?

Before e-mails, cellphones, Facebook, and every other new communication gadget/media now – there was the VHF (very high frequency) radio. That was the tool to have and must have in communication specially for the FYEP guys. To be “officially” issued one was cool. Then comes your chosen call sign that will identify you in the airwaves.

Some of the call signs I remember were :
  • Braullo – sounds like a muscular troublemaker - sure to confuse the enemy.
  • Puffing Dragon – could he still be puffing like a dragon somewhere?
  • Double S - now living near the Cayman Islands.
  • Sikorsky – good choice, as he never stopped to hover over us.
  • Wee Bill, RB, White Clouds – names too much of a give away, no use hiding.
  • Skylon – only in Canada did I find out this is a tower at the Niagara.
  • Pyramid Builder – the grand Kahuna.
  • Anaconda – yikeees, scary
  • Kitten –Is she still kitten up to now, even with 3 more kittens?
  • TomCat – the original, before the Cruises.
  • Jaguar – what’s with the cat family as call signs, anyway.
  • Hunter – Aptly chosen call sign with all these animals running around.
Can we have call signs instead of usernames for Twitter?
Those call signs have so much better personality than the usernames we use nowadays, don't you think?


  1. So you have never called on the Checkmate family?--- Checkmate King, Checkmate Queen, Checkmate Rook, Checkmate Knight and Checkmate Pawn

    Checkmate Q

  2. Anonymous,
    Na Checkmate lagi ko ani - wala ko kahinumdum.
    Maka intrigue man - paila-ila daw.

  3. My other call sign is "Iron King" of the IRON country = Iligan Radio Operators Network.I remember Bugoy M. is a member of that group I can't recall the others,maybe Bugoy can recall.

  4. Yah,,,,why not..until now I always used my call sign whenever i go..."Steelroller" it's part & parcel my lifeline in fact my VHF still working @ home. for emergency purposes & assistance to neighboring cities can not be reach by phone. 1008,1012.

  5. Braullo, my good buddy recalled other call signs of our one-two's. There's Jimael that sounds like Arabic. Then there's Optic who probably knows about fiber optics. My favorite is Shadow. He's always there when I needed him. But the one I love is Lady M.


  6. UUUyyyy... Airboy ha... igat ka.

    Checkmate Q