Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday's Technology

Today we easily complain "my computer is so slow". But how slow?

Remember those NSC days when...
  • Minutes of meeting were carbon copied for distribution? (with the last copy almost unreadable)
  • Graphs for management presentations were manually colored? (on overtime)
  • The typewriter was the "word processor"?
  • Documents for Manila were sent through travellers?
  • Communication to Head Office was through a "talker", then later by "hotline"?

If NSC is existing today, do you think everyone will have an e-mail? How about access to the internet?

What other "fun" NSC technology do you remember?


  1. Wireless network @ NSC...long before Internet,wifi is discovered...Have you heared or experienced the wireless Bundy clock of NSC...that NSC lost millions of pesos...many had benefited the wireless "Bundy Clock" for so many years....Agree....or Disagree....

  2. wa mi kabalo ana. kinsa kaha ang nag-inbento ana?

  3. Steelroller,
    We should had that "wireless" bundy clock copyrighted no?