Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 Things I Miss in Iligan

A lot of things may have changed in Iligan, but I was in a reminiscing mood lately and thought about some of the places/things I still remember (and now miss) in Iligan.
Timoga - the all time no. 1 place to miss;

Barbeque Inn - despite the mosquitos, the size of the meat serving, and the dimness of the place;

Old House - cakes to die for;

Ma. Cristina Hotel - where everything happens : conventions, receptions;

St. Michael's Cathedral - always overflowing with the faithful;

Lechon bayug - hmmm, need I say more;

Sinugba nga panga - super yummy for Sunday lunch;

Pala-o market / Iligan pier - just because;

Cafe Hermoso - for those small cozy gatherings;

Sunburst - not the chicken, but the kinilaw;

Should I include NSC or not ? I don't know. I do not miss NSC as a place, I just miss NSC as a group of people.

What do you miss in Iligan?


  1. I miss all those things too...

  2. How about baboy sulop? anyone?