Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Times for T dot

Bad times, bad moments - for T dot (slang for Toronto).

The recent labour disruption of city employees is causing several headaches, top of which is the stoppage of garbage collection. Toronto is known for its cleanliness -- but in a while it will cease to be. Timing is not so good either as the strike is happening during these warm, humid days when everything just rots so easily. I hate to think of how the city will look or smell in 7 days.

The strike is also causing havoc among parents who depend on the city run day care centres. Unless grandma/grandpa is available -- parents are on their own. Other services affected are parks and recreations, ferry island service, and a few libraries. Some weddings have to be re-arranged. Photo shoots at city parks are cancelled, wedding facilities in some areas are closed.

Property taxes are still to be paid - even if the drop boxes are closed. They suggest paying by mail or through the bank. Same with parking tickets. They have to be paid with no deadline extensions. It is business as usual even though there is no usual business.

As I draft this, LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) employees are also threatening to strike. I really do not care but there is a long line up of customers in our nearby LCBO store. As if the absence of a liquor is a life altering situation. I just don't get it.

Finally, here's some sour medicine to this pain : Tuition fees at York University increased by way so much. Yet, faculty were on strike for 3 months late last year - causing chaos on the student's schedule.

Bad times for T dot (and me).

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