Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Vacation

Deep summer is when laziness
finds respectability
~Sam Keen

And with this photo I say,
Life After Steel

will be on a vacation mode.

* * *

The blabber and the chatter still continues in This Randomness .


  1. wala lagi nimo post ang 2009 nscanada summer picnic photos em...just asking...

  2. Vic,
    Didto nako gi post sa Randomness ug sa FB. Bitaw, I will put a link also here -- apil na lang ang sa Domingo nga pista. Thanks for the reminder...

  3. Am happy to see old friends,kaibigans very happy & the togetherness in every undertakings...

    Mabuhay kayo mga Taga Barangay NSC Canada...and all ExNSC kaibigans...

    Kaibigan Rey