Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last Night Was A Good Night

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Dear former NSC colleagues,

Am still high from the 8th NSCanada Christmas party, and it was a blast! I’d like to say it was one of the best (if not the best) so far.

For the second time, the party was coordinated by the West side group. As you know organizing these NSCanada parties is a huge task. Dili

baya lalim, but the combined efforts of Lulut and Manny Magoncia, Nene and Alex Tanan, Ellen and Jun Simbajon, Mon and Bebot Lape, Nan and Ann Valera, Gene and Charito Bacalso, Rodel and Lolit Arcilla, Arnel and Lilit Cedron, Ping and Malou Esmores,Elvie and Jonathan Titular, Edgar and Flora Barquin, Emi and Al Simbahon, and Tony Bacus proved they were up to the task.

I understand why the former NSC employees do it –for the camaraderie and fun, but the support of the loving spouses – these I salute. It is to these spouses that the group is forever thankful, sobra-sobra.

Who else were there, you ask? Of course, the regulars like the families of Art and Cindy Gonzales, Edna and Romy Romero, Victor and Evelyn Cantago, Tito and Tata Bravo, Marivic and Roy Llanes, Inday and Eric Balatero, Art and Toots Padilla, Dante and Bing Abreo, Gerry and Maricon Nisce, Ellen and Allan Linan, Elmer and Susan Ching, Tess and Paeng Mijares, Cristine and Bumpy Manuel, Ric and Sheila Doong, Arlene and Jingle Espinosa, Daisy and Ramon Bama, Evelyn Negapatan, Chauser Serina, and Reynan Lanceta.

It was the second time to attend for Manoy Cabrera and Ma'am Nene, the first for newcomer Joey and Anne Labra and the return of Grace Regala. Then surprise, surprise Nang Dina Mendez was there too! Mora’g listahan na sa People’s magazine no?

As usual food was in abundance, there was chit-chatting, games, line dancing, hugs and loud shrieks of delight seeing old friends.

Tell me more, tell me more – you say.
Okay, remember the glory days of NSC? When our gym parties always had entertainers and employees performed on stage? Well, times have not changed much. Perform and entertain we did.

First, the Christmas Tree group presented “Sherry” from the Jersey Boys musical. Then the Christmas Ornament group performed to Wondergirls popular song “Nobody”. Third group was the Christmas Stockings who showed us their version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Note, all those performances were practiced on-site in just under 30 minutes. Talk about improvise.

And you know what? I guess it runs in the blood, performing I mean. Thea Lape and her 2 friends danced a hip-hop number, Arthur Gonzales also did a solo hip-hop, and Joshua Nisce (aka Joshua Jackson) brought the house down with his “Billie Jean” number.

Oh, I forgot to tell you – the first 3 performances were judged. As it was all superb performances, the judges had a hard time deciding who should win. Finally, Mr. Cabrera (who headed the panel of 3 judges) announced a tie. Nobody and Single Ladies were both called on stage for a repeat performance and face-off showdown.

Now, all those performances I can no longer describe vividly. I guess you'll just to wait for the DVD release.

Nang Dina? She was like a child in a chocolate store. She could not decide what to do first. She wanted to socialize, she wanted to take pictures. We wanted her to be a judge but she wanted to perform too! Can you imagine she was in the “Nobody” dancers?

Then it was time to mellow down. Picture takings, more updatings, line dancing to Todo-Todo (cuz a Filipino party is never complete without this- ha-ha!). What a fun night. The coordinators must be so tired thinking they don’t want to do it again next year. But I am sure they will. It’s like birth pains. Give them a few months, show them pictures of how much fun we all had and they will forget how tired they were. Mora’g lisod na maputol tingali this tradition.

So goes my news update on the Christmas party. I only wish you were here, but for now my wishes are for a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Peaceful, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!


p.s. – Mickey Mendez, Adeline Durias, Gil and Carmen Caluen were in attendance too. And lastly, there was no snow to scrape off our cars after the party. Told you it was almost perfect!

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