Monday, January 11, 2010

Extreme Cold Weather Alert

Toronto was on an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for the weekend. But as "Canadians" - that only means one thing - time to hit the snow slopes!

We tried snow tubing at the Lakeridge Resort. Snow tubing is a popular family activity which everyone can do, requires no special and expensive equipment, and no special skills needed. Just sit on the tube and have fun!

First, you pay for tickets, walk to the snow tube area, listen to the instruction and grab your tube.
Sit on your tube and resort staff will hook you to a pulley, pulling you to the top of the hill.

Imagine a giant slide made of ice/snow. Once you get there, there is no changing your mind. The only way to go down is by sitting on your tube and having resort staff push your tube down. (not unless you want to walk on the thick snow!) You can go alone or with a group - up to 5 people in a group. There are also sliding choices like: straight, spin - and maybe hard spin.

Kind of hard to take photos when you are experiencing something for the first time, but this is a group as they went down.

As the saying goes - if we can't beat this cold weather - might as well enjoy it!

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