Thursday, February 11, 2010

TTC is Turmoil, Topsy-turviness and Chaos

The TTC is part of my Life After Steel. For the non-Torontonians, TTC is the Toronto Transit Commission, operator of buses, streetcars, subways and surface rail transit for the Greater Toronto Area.

But right now, TTC is more like Turmoil, Topsy-turviness and Chaos.

Late last year, TTC was the subject of rider dissatisfaction when they rationed selling of tokens. Reason was to prevent hoarding of tokens in the face of the impending fare hike. No matter how you look at it - it was a bad decision. (Related blog here)

Several days ago, TTC staff was on You Tube and on every other social network. Shown worldwide as they slept on the job, taking long coffee breaks, and providing just poor service. It became a fad to catch TTC employees on videotape. They almost became the laughing stock of Toronto.

Bad things do come in three's and the latest to this bedlam is the involvement of the TTC chairman himself, Adam Giambrone. This young, ambitious councilor who leads the already problematic corporation did his own version of Tiger Woods. Denying, then admitting several affairs in the midst of his relationship with his longtime live-in partner.

Now, I don't wonder why I get crappy service from the TTC. There is nothing much to expect when they are being led by an incompetent leader. And he wanted to be mayor too.

There are no bad regiments, there are only bad officers - Field Marshall Lord Slim

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