Wednesday, June 16, 2010


According to Guinness World Records, PATH is the largest underground shopping complex in the world with 371,600 m² of retail space. PATH is a 27-kilometre (17 mi) network of pedestrian tunnels beneath the office towers of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Here's what's connected in the PATH :
  • More than 50 buildings or office towers
  • Twenty parking garages,
  • Five subway stations,
  • Two major department stores,
  • Two major shopping centres,
  • Six major hotels,
  • A railway terminal
The CN Tower and Rogers Centre are connected via an enclosed elevated walkway, called Skywalk, from Union Station. Once a year, businesses in PATH host the world's largest underground sidewalk sale.

There are more than 125 grade level access points and 60 decision points where a pedestrian has to decide between turning left or right, or continuing straight on.

Each letter in PATH is a different colour, each representing a direction. The P is red and represents south. The orange A directs pedestrians to the west, while the blue T directs them to the north. The H is yellow and points to the east.

Just a Toronto tidbit.

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