Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toronto Santa Claus Parade

The Toronto Santa Claus parade started in 1905 when a single float carrying Santa Claus arrived at Toronto Union Station and made its way to the downtown Eaton's department store where Santa shook hands with Timothy Eaton.

Last Sunday's parade (the 105th) had more than 25 floats;

Playstation's "Little Big Planet"

25 marching bands ;
including our own
Philippine Heritage Band

who has been part of
the parade for 38 years

and 1,700 volunteer participants.

It wasn't easy looking for the perfect spot

not unless you won a contest and
you get to sit on a couch by the curbside

A fully booked couch.

Despite the cold weather, long wait and the crowd, it is still one of the best activities to get you in a holiday mood.

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