Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still Building A Country - from RS Narciso

We're Building a Country!
I hope you guys (and gals) remember that once-famous advertising tagline for NSC's perennially award-winning multi-media ads. I also hope that you all remember that said tagline became the unintended slogan that summed up NSC's lengthy mission statement.
That was many years ago. Those exciting times have now become a pleasant memory.
I have since moved downstream of the steel industry which, as you know, supplies mainly (up to 90% of its output) the domestic construction sector. Today, I'm working for New Kanlaon Construction Inc (NKCI), which is a second-tier company trying to do things a bit differently from all the other companies in the same business. Aside from doing the traditional/conventional construction contracts, NKCI is doing construction deals which include joint-ventures and BOT projects for the country's infrastructure requirements.
Thus, in many ways, I'm still building a country. As I do, the memories of the times we shared have been kept very much alive.
Best regards to all.

RS Narciso


  1. Sir,
    Thank you for responding and for reconnecting. Our NSC experience is truly memorable.


  2. Indeed, the NSC spirit lives on!

  3. Thanks Neil for dropping by. Are a former NSC employee?