Saturday, November 22, 2008


It got me into thinking, after posing the question on my first blog, posting my message on the yahoo groups and sending e-mails to a few friends, my former NSC colleagues did not respond.

Is it because...
1) They are busy?
2) They still have not heard about my blog?
3) Writing about themselves does not interest them?
4) Writing simply does not fascinate them?
Yes, life really is getting hectic and I could not argue. Writing takes time. Writing about ourselves takes even longer time. Maybe I have not reached out far enough, maybe my opening question was not interesting enough, maybe I did not ask the right person.
There must be a lot more reasons for not responding, a lot of maybes, but I am not giving up.
Writing is my leisure, my purpose is still to reconnect, and even if my only feat was to organize all my links about NSC, then I am okay.


  1. Despair not my darling... people will start sharing when you least expect them.

  2. dang,
    did I sound despondent? maybe, just a little bit. But, I understand the silence though. writing (as it is) or revealing about ourselves is not easy for some.

  3. some would prefer and be contented in just reading other people's blogs than sharing their thoughts lest they make mistakes if they comment. reluctance begin when you start to think that you are incompetent and not articulate enough like the blogmaster. just muster enough courage and double the mask on your face if you are shy and comment...that's what i did. lol