Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are in Ajax, Ontario

For those who prefer to be a bit "incognito" -- here is a sample of an entry where names are not mentioned. My apologies to this family, because once they read this, they may want to change the entry altogether.

My family and I have been in Canada since February 1998. Our first residence was in Biltmore Court, Scarborough. We then moved to Cass Avenue still in Scarborough after a few years. Now, we are happily settled at Gardiner Road, Ajax, Ontario.

Between my husband and I, our NSC assignments were Quality Assurance and MACSD. I now work for the Provincial government, while my husband is still in manufacturing, this time no longer steel but electronics.

Canada has been good to us and my busy, growing brood. With 2 young kids and the addition of 2 beautiful granddaughters courtesy of my eldest daughter, we still find time to connect with other former NSC families. In Canada, the NSC families have become our family.


  1. To whom this may concern,

    That is such a nice life! Maybe you just forgot to mention your identity? or.... maybe you just want to keep your readers guessing? where do we submit our guess entry... I am sure I will get the prize!

  2. "incognito" effect sila. I am sure they will reveal themselves very soon.

    Am thinking of putting up a guess who entry -- pero wala ko prize!