Friday, December 12, 2008

NSC Friends I Met

First, this post is not the final cut. Some names I may have missed to mention, not deliberately, but more because of memory failure. If you have corrections or addition, feel free to contact me. Second, although this is already stale news, this is posted to complement the photos.

Before 11:00 AM – 300 Balmoral Drive was already bustling with activities. Representatives of the host families (Espinosa, Bacalso, Tanan, Magoncia, Lape, Simbahon) were busy decorating, setting up, cooking, coordinating by cellphones, and just about everything.
A little after 2:00 PM – With the arrival of Margie and Dave Lim, lunch was ready for all those who came early like the Cantagos, Titulars, De la Cruzes, Evelyn Negapatan, Angging Aleman, the Arcillas and the Cedrons . Baked salmon, kare-kare, lechon, kinilaw, Vietnamese rice, what more can you ask for?
Around 4:00 PM and onwards– Snow started falling while sushi is continously rolled in the kitchen. More families arrived. The Esmores’, Tacas-tacas’ from Ohio, Romeros, Balateros, and Santos’. Then came the Valeras, Abujans, Doongs, Bravos, Padillas, Nisces, Linans, Mijares. While the men immediately grouped themselves in one corner, the ladies were more concerned with photo ops (what else is new with men and women?). The younger generation also made their own groupings, while the very young explored the whole area by running around.
Shortly before 7:00 PM – Victor and Evelyn Cantago's youngest son, Emmanuel blew his birthday candle, amidst other NSC kids. There is something about birthday candles that makes every child go hyper. Emmanuel had to alternate blow the candle with Joshua Nisce and Sean Linan or else... The Cabreras, Manuels, Abreos, Duenas’, Sabios, Simbahons, Gonzales’, Arcigas and Llanes' (thanks for the correction) arrived.
Dinner started at around 7:30 PM. There was food for everyone. From the artery clogging lechon; fruits and veggies for the health conscious (kuno); suman and cassava cake for the sweet tooth; pansit for long life, and coffee para sa mga Canadians. Everyone had their fill in between all the conversation.
The NSC hymn, a welcome message from Mr. Cabrera, more photo ops, games, a little bit of dancing, exchange of gifts, and then where did time go?
By 11:00 PM, everyone was ready for the much anticipated icing on the cake, the Pacquiao-de la Hoya match. Even if I am not a boxing fan, watching the fight from the huge projector was a delight. I tried capturing faces during the fight, but I too got engrossed. 8 Rounds later and it was history. Time to clean up – we were in a party, remember?
Good thing Pacquiao won or mas lisod i-drive ang wet, slippery road kun bug-at ang kasing-kasing. Party is over, de la Hoya is out, and attendees went home with happy memories.


  1. Mura sad ko'g didto... thanks.


  2. morag nalimtan ang llanes family sa shortly before 7:00 p.m. unsaon pirmi man gud mi late no? actually we arrived 5:30 na after 2 hrs. nga biyahe due to the heavy traffic and snowfall...ok lang..

  3. mvrl,
    maayo gyud nang magbasa-basa no? masakpan ang sayop (sorry, wala tuyu-a). sige lang naa man sa pictures ;)