Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steel ISO

A lot of NSC folks may have left Iligan, but we are one of those who chose to stay.
After National Steel, I worked for 2 other companies and I can say, our NSC is still the best. Although it is just a memory now.
I am currently connected with a German company TUV SUD, a certifying body to ISO Management Systems standards. As one of their auditors, I cover the whole Philippines and the Asia Pacific region. I have traveled a lot for the last 3 years that I have been with TUV. With my background, I gained the confidence and authority to conduct my audit more effectively benchmarking some practices from our beloved NSC.
I still meet other former NSC employees here in Iligan and most of the time we reminisce the good old days. In the course of my job, I have the opportunity to audit a number of ex-NSC employees in some companies and it is always a pleasure to be seeing them again.
Comparing the companies and various industries I have audited, I can honestly say that NSC was never mediocre in terms of Standards and Systems. Knowing this before and confirming this now makes me proud I was once part of NSC.



  1. Hi ED,

    I'm sure many will be very interested to know your true identity. Thank you for reconnecting.

  2. Hi Eunice....

    Good to see you in the net. I'm sure our paths will cross, especially so for ISO concerns.

    See you soon.

  3. Is this Eunice Diamante? Hola, mi amiga! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  4. Yap, si Eunice Sol Pimentel-Diamante ni, ang inyong ubos na alagad ug ang kapikas sa kinabuhi ni Kitok Diamante. Hangtod karon ISO lang gihapon akong lingaw, but this time, I am the one doing the audit whereas before, I was the one being audited. It is a very enjoyable and rewarding job...for those who are planning to have your companies certified, please get TUV SUD as your certifiying body, Choose Certainty - Add Value