Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dollar Stores

Hammers, lipsticks, shower curtains for a dollar each? How about a pack of paper plates, a pair of socks, or eyeglasses? From notebooks to microphones, from ropes to CDs -- you can get them from the nearby dollar store.

Dollar stores are everywhere here in Canada and they are fun places to go. With nice and catchy names like Dollarama, Everything for a Dollar, and Buck or Two - who would not want to get inside.

Get into one of these stores and you are sure to come out with a purchase.

Much as I love going to any dollar store, I am always armed with these words of caution :

1) They may be only a dollar each but watch your wallet -- you might end up paying $20-$30 if you are in a shopping mood.

2) For safety reasons, don't buy anything electronic or electrical.

3) Don't expect your items to last - after all they are only a dollar.

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This is my 5th post to the series "Toronto Life"

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