Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Be Canadian

An Incomplete Guide to Becoming Canadian.
  • Greet your co-workers in the morning with “Hi, how are you”? If you are the one being asked, answer politely with “I’m good, thanks. How ‘bout you”?, or variation A)“Fine, and yourself”? variation B) "Not, bad".
  • If it is Monday morning, say “How was your weekend”? Frankly, you don’t want to tell them how your weekend was but you answer with the standard : "It was good, but too short".
  • End your sentence with “eh”, as in “It is cold outside, eh?"
  • Start counting with your thumb (never start 1 from the little finger).
  • Don’t ever say D as in dog. (A Filipina officemate always says that, and it never fails to make everyone in the office laugh). D is for Danny or Daniel. The letters in the alphabet are always associated with peoples’ names.
  • On the subject of alphabet, Z is not the last letter in the Canadian alphabet. It is Zed. Zed as in Zinnia.
  • When you need some internal plumbing release, do not look for a comfort room. You may want to look for a washroom - even when you will not be washing anything.
  • Say pop when when you want softdrinks (Coks nga sopdrink sa binisaya). Don't say pop when you cross American soil, however. Out there, pop becomes soda. Crazy, eh?
Just few of the many ways to be "Canadian".

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This is my 1st post on "Being Canadian".

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