Friday, February 13, 2009

Steel in the Desert Storm by RH Fookson

I recall it was in October 1999 when we had our last flag ceremony in Hot Mill (headed by our Sr. Manager Jun Flores), where we sang the NSC Hymn “O Glorious NSC”. That time we knew our plant will cease operations just for few months as announced but in our mind maybe it will be our last flag ceremony that I didn’t notice that my tears were coming out silently while singing the NSC Hymn.

After serving NSC for 21years, we didn’t expect that we will be jumping from the sinking “Titanic Steel” receiving our optional retirement benefits in March 2000; the decision was too fast to comprehend but its done! After a year of shooting practice in the firing range, we found ourselves in the “Operations Desert Storm” which we never expected since we were away from our families for the first time in our lives. With Pio Daigdigan and Rudy Mesina, we came together to Saudi Iron & Steel Company (HADEED) in 2001. We actually enjoyed our work and company since we found hundreds of ExNSC not only in HADEED but in Jubail City…. the rest of the story is history!

With the free internet provided by our company, then later we have individual DSL connection in our flat (apartment), we were able to connect to our fellow ExNSC here in Jubail City and Iligan City. Then after few years, the ExNSC Yahoo eGroup was created, link at where many ExNSC mostly from the Middle East and Iligan City joined the email circulations.

Last year, the Global ExNSC Network at was also created with the aim of connecting to our fellow ExNSC around the globe, now with 350 members…and still growing. I am inviting you to join us, and connect with our fellow ExNSC!

God bless us all!
RH Fookson


  1. RHF,
    You did a great job with the ning network!

  2. Thanks for this post and the Ning network!

  3. we from canada, are happy with what you're doing now...animo NSC pa rin!