Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reaction to "Memoirs ni Manoy" by R Palisbo

I agree with Manoy EVC, bad experiences in seeking job or promotion (Job Opportunities) kung hindi ka kasali sa bata-bata system, kanding at iba pa pag may peyista, B-day sa mga bossing. It happened to me during my younger days. My exposure to Steelrolling/Process Control in Flat products.

Thanks to my mentors RQ Silao & Dennis Valera. My career path in the early years was very challenging, I was young, single and willing to work hard to learn all the controls of the whole process. Ed Milan and the Process Engineers are the living witness of what I did in the old conventional Steckel Mill -- running the mill by myself. My assistant and my Desk # 2 operator was sleeping on duty. To keep the mill running and keep the production, I have to do it proving that the mill can be run by one Roller/operator.

So Ed knows that automation is the answer of redundancy in the Hot rolling process. So the Revamp of HM 1 was realized. Then came my biggest opportunity (My Dream) to go for training abroad in Pittsburgh for HSM # 2. I was told by DSV to slow down on my union acitivities, for I will be the primary candidate for training. DSV knows my skill and creativity on steelrolling and being the youngest Roller.

So I did quit unionism and I got involved in PIPOL organizing circle team. My team was even rewarded a travel to Cebu to attend the Productivity convention in Cebu Plaza and also join the HM 1 rehab (was on fire). But everything was gone when DSV was removed as Head of the Core group. I was replaced by sickly roller/operator (some had passed away already) and some were even low performers on production & evaluation. But everything was doctored. I was made to take the exam for qualification of the training at the very end. But actually the team was already made up (formality na lang) in compliance from RJR memo on why I was not included on the team.

I remained in HM # 1 as skeleton group. The lucky one not included on the 1st batch of retrenchment coz, Manoy EVC want me to stay as part of the skeleton group of HM# 1. A new opportunity landed in my new career path. Of all the NSC people interviewed in Maria Cristina Hotel for Thailand , I was the last to come @ 7pm. I was scared when I went inside for the interview. Mr. Patayon was inside w/ DSV and a Thai Managing Director. I was scared because Mr. Patayon is a NSC Management guy. What will happen to my employment in NSC if all this hiring will fail. But when everything is set and luckily the only one who was hired by the Thai Managing Director. Then I have to ask Manoy EVC to include me on the 2nd batch w/ MQV's blessing and approval. I was included on the 2nd batch and my brother Ronnie (Boy) who was retrenched at that time was rehired in lieu of my exit. See how powerful pag may amo ka talaga sa Planta.

Under the watchful eyes of GOD, He gave me the golden opportunity (that NSC denied me) of going to Pittsburgh. Now I am travelling around the world as Rolling Consultant, 1st with Kaiser Engineers then to Tippins,Inc. I single handidly start-up & commission the Plate mills & Steckel mills of LPN of Bangkok,Thailand. PT Gunung Garuda of Indonesia(Plate mill), PT Gunung Rajapaksi (Steckel Mill). The only Filipino to commission the 1st twin stand Steckel mill designed by John Thomas in Europe and China. Almost worked with UEC of Don Adair & EBI for India but due to my availability it did not materialize. Right now awaiting for next field service either Spain or Turkey.

During my stay in Pittsburgh, I met RFQ in the Tippins office in Pittsburgh. Pag wala koy field service,either Asia /Europe sa Pittsburgh ako ga report. But I don't like to work in the office no challenge. I met Aldo Timonera & Family w/ RFQ family on the way Washington during Thanksgiving holiday, (Sept.6, 2001.Tuesday). We were inside the white House w/ RFQ family and next Tuesday 9-11-2001 it happened.I met EBI of UEC and we had dinner at his house w/ big chunks of Bar-B-Q. Kadagko ba diay sa bar-b-Q sa america isa ka hiwa busog ka na.Sa atua sa Iligan nipis,niwang kaayu ang Bar-B-Q. No wonder mohubag gyud mga tawo diri sa U.S. pag dili mag careful sa diet.

Sa NSC dunay Hardship, Happiness sometimes Hunger due to Rice subsidy(360) na lang ang take home pay.

Life Within and After NSC

by : Rey Palisbo

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  1. This reaction is base on Manoy Memoirs Part 2 of 5 in his early years employment in Iligan.