Monday, February 23, 2009

Memoirs ni Manoy by EVCabrera - Part 5 of 5


Sometime in 1996 together with Mario Putong, we unexpectedly met Messrs JB Laraya and RS Narciso in Floro Cement Corporation in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. We had a very short kumustahan and the one statement said that day was “Boy, Mar, Sayang ang pinaghirapan natin.” That was the last time I met our two big bosses. In October of 1996 I was able to meet with PCB and we lunched together with our wives in Greenbelt, Makati. We have a very long talk together recalling the good old times and finally the same statement from JBL and RSN “…Sayang ang pinaghirapan natin.”

In July of 1996 I joined the organization of Jacinto Steel as consultant in their project study for a steelmaking complex using the COREX process. After 6 months I was called by Mr. Boy Siao to ask me if I was available. They needed me to come back to Iligan and be with NSC again on a contract basis. Franklin (Bobo) Siao at this time was the new resident manager and told me that the new owner Hottick wanted to see and prove that the plant and the people were still capable of delivering the required output both in quality and quantity.

On the first day of duty during an operations meeting, I was shocked to know that the Pickling Line # 2 was shut-down and Pickling # 1 was reconditioned and was presently supplying pickled coils to 5 Stand Tandem Mill. I immediately adjourned the operations meeting and went to the PKL # 2 where I met and discussed with Max Otadoy what really had happened. After the discussion, a resolution was formed. I told Rudy Alefante that Max Otadoy and Bert Orquiza are working together to make Pkl # 2 the supplier of HRC for 5-stand mill. For this, I consider Bert and Max the real heroes because in the month of July 1997, 5-stand tandem mill was able to deliver over 60,000 tons of good quality CRCs - a new record high being set at that time.

As I have said that I am known of being a “suberbiyo,” I frankly told Bobo Siao, “No way could I work harmoniously with Tom Gallanes”. Because Tom was the trusted man of the new owner, it was but proper for me to leave. When Hottick was out and NSC was under receivership I was again requested by Bobo Siao to come back in order to maintain the plant on shutdown. And so on June of 2000 once again I became an NSC citizen but the job had no challenge at all. When the politics became too much to bear and my attitude made me a square peg on a round hole, on February of 2001, I once again retired from NSC citizen with finality.

Years later, I came with my wife to Toronto, Canada as immigrants and be “dependents” to my five children, their spouses and nine grandchildren.

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  1. congratulations sir for the very informative series of your memoirs in nsc. lingaw kaayo mi nagbasa. at least na-starring pud gamay si joe llanes. indeed sayang gyud ang pinaghirapan. but as what they say "when a door closes another door opens-so welcome to canada! maayo siguro maghimo ka ug libro na gyud sir. naa bitaw kay consultants diha.