Friday, February 20, 2009

A Tribute to a Friend and a Brother - by ES Aspiras

My apologies for rescheduling "Part 5 of Memoirs ni Manoy" to Monday. Today, I am giving way for a tribute to a dear departed friend - Jed Malayang.

* * * * * *
How can one forget the friendship and the goodness of a person ?

I came to know him sometime in 1984 during the peak of the EMT hiring. I was a member of Batch 3 and he was Batch 6. We became close to each other and developed a bond. We attended the same church; had a common circle of friends; and practically were involved in the same social and community activities in Iligan City.

What struck me most about his personality was that he was a nice person, jolly and easy to go along with. He was the kind of person who loved to share and to give. But don't get me wrong - he could make a stand on any issue and beat you in any argument. I would consider him my greatest debate opponent during our memorable and unforgettable social sessions. I will always have a very high opinion of him and a great respect for his beliefs and political stand.

I could still remember him sweetly calling me "Do" or "bro". When he needed company, he would invite me for lunch or merienda at the JY Dimsum along Badelles Avenue, in front of the former Maratel. I had spent lots of my time in his company, enjoying each other's camaraderie and brotherhood, and exchanging esoteric topics.

NSC was just one of our ties. The other greater bond that we had was that we were fraternal brothers - twofold tie; and we called it the "mystic tie that binds". I know that he will be sadly remembered by the many people whose lives he had touched and influenced them with his positive outlook in life.

How will I ever forget the good 'ol days that we spent together? Farewell to you, Jed Malayang... You will always be my friend and my brother! (by: eRviN)

One of the last pictures I had with Jed Malayang, taken in March 1995. He is shown 2nd from left with Audwin Garzon to his left, me, and Ben Malayang III (Jed's older brother and former USec. of DENR)


  1. I felt pain and sadness upon knowing the demise of my beloved fraternal brother.... I will always reminisce the days during the time when the contractuals were on strike and we were left inside the plant to continue the expansion project of the plant......He was such a good company and a jolly person..... Although he had already undergone a major operation yet he was vibrant and cheerful about it..... Even if we miss his company I know that Heaven is glad to have him around..... Farewell my dear brother.......

    Jun C.

  2. I first came to know Jed at the ROTC grounds of Silliman. I saw this huge guy in fatigues lumbering across the field and couldn't help but comment to myself that the commandant wasn't wrong in picking him for an MP - I'd stay away from trouble and from his path any time of the day. I did not get to know him well back then.

    Not until I joined NSC did I get to learn that underneath this huge guy was a fellow with a proportionally large heart. Jed was a good listener who'd gladly lend an ear and would let you try to see the brighter side of an otherwise gloomy situation. I'd often witness this happening between him and some of my friends.

    And an excellent debater he was - I'd often hear Jed and RL Layumas argue almost anything, almost anywhere - at the H&C Cafe, Veranda, among other places.

    I was saddened to hear about his demise but at the same time I am glad that he has finally been reunited with his Creator.

    It is indeed difficult to write about a friend in the past tense - Farewell, my friend. Farewell Jed.