Friday, March 20, 2009

One Cool Star - Mr. Isidro Bitoon

My apologies, I have decided to move posting of Canuck Speak to give way for this rather late tribute.

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I have often wondered what ever happened to my former manager, Mr. Isidro Bitoon. In fact, I have a post of the good times we had as part of the FYEP Cold Mill Civil Works Team in my drafts for several weeks already.

It came as a bit of a shock then to read (from Ning) that Mr. Bitoon had passed away last March 2, 2009. Speaking for all who worked with him. Mr. Bitoon was a good manager. By today's standards, he can be considered "Mr. Cool". Rarely did we hear him raise his voice even in the midst of a project crisis - and in FYEP that was a lot of times. Mr. Bitoon weighed solutions to project problems in a very calm manner - no drama, no hysterics. While others were known for their snap decisions, Mr. Bitoon always made deliberate decisions. More of a strength rather than a weakness - in those crazy days.

Working for Mr. Bitoon felt like working within a big family. He may have been our manager, but he was also like a father to most of us. Work was work and we sure had to deliver. But fun times were fun times. We had Christmas parties at Timoga pools, bowling competitions, family picnics at Midway and had ice-cream during the first working day of the year. That one was to ensure everyone will have cool heads for the rest of the year. He was Mr. "Cool" Star, indeed.

May his soul rest in peace.

Our big happy family

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  1. i cried when i was reading ur blog. I'm Darren Kaye, Mr. Bitoon's eldest grandchild.. I really appreciate u blogging about him..
    I miss my grandpa so much!... Thank you! and God Bless You!..

    - Darren Kaye Bito-on Solis -