Monday, March 23, 2009

Canuck Speak

From where I came from, English was different. The following words/terms I heard only in Captain Canuck's world.

– A Canadian. If someone calls you that, it is okay. This term was once used as an insult ; but is now a proud label.

No Standing Anytime. This can be found in bus stops. Taken literally, how are we supposed to wait for the bus then? Back in our country, we say "No Loittering" – or in Pinoy speak – bawal mag istambay.

Mind the Gap. A notice posted in the subways. Mind the what? Mind the gap means be aware of the gap between the subway train and the platform.

I don’t care – A common expression that seems rude at first. Why don’t they care? Later, you realize it is just an expression that means – go ahead, it is up to you. In Pinoy : ikaw ang bahala.

For here to go – Ahm. . . how is that again? Simply, it means do you prefer to have (whatever you ordered) here? or bring them somewhere? In Pinoy speak it is dine in or take out? They are too lazy to say "or" – they just blurt “For here to go” – as if it is a whole sentence.

Francophone - Someone who speaks French as a first language, as opposed to an Anglophone, who speaks English as a first language.

So, are you Tagaphone or Bisaphone?

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