Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Proud to be Pinoy?

I am - sometimes. But . . .

1) Several times I have been approached by "kababayans" while entering grocery stores. They have a board showing pictures of Filipino children and they start with "kabayan, tulong naman para sa mga bata sa atin". I am tempted to smile at them, but I did that once and she got closer pressing me for "tulong sa mga bata" with all her narration of how these needy kids need our monetary help.

2) It was on TV and on the news a few days ago. A couple, together with 70 others were arrested in a town north of Toronto. Reason: Cockfighting. They were allegedly keeping a cockpit and a betting house in a rented farm. (These are illegal in Canada). Reportedly, while the cockfight was going on there was even a catered buffet table set up nearby. Sad to say, they were a Filipino couple.

3) This final one took place two days ago. As I got off from the crowded subway train, a Filipina approached me saying "Ate, bili ka na ng homemade sweets". I was taken aback. It was morning rush hour. First thing that came to me was - "Who are you and why are you doing this?". She immediately replied "Citizen kami dito, Ate. Para ito sa Foundation ng mga bata sa Pilipinas".

My heart goes to those kabayans in the grocery entrance and subway who I'm sure are mere victims of a bigger scheme. I cannot say the same however for the cockfighting couple.

Proud ka ba, kabayan?

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