Friday, March 6, 2009

Surviving Recession

How do we survive a recession?

The media is flooded with news about the worsening economy. Job losses: possible, real, expected. But we are Pinoys first before being Canadians remember? We are survivors. Take this :

When we arrived here we put down the titles of Engineer, Manager, Accountant. We did not mind becoming inventory clerks, workers in factories, grocery stockers, and fast food servers. We persevered.

We are used to saving, recycling, fixing. We have not really embraced the Western way of throwing anything. We wash plastic spoons and forks, we keep things for future use, we still wear our old NSC t-shirt. We live simply.

We are not afraid of always having "panga" for lunch or dinner. Not the tasty "panga" we bought from Pala-o market. I am talking about the panga - as in "pangatlong init" leftover. Never mind our "Canadian" kids who have never learned this trait. We are still Pinoy.

And finally, when push comes to shove we have the reliable Employment Insurance (EI). This time we are Canadian.

We came from a country that was (and still is) on an endless recession. We will endure!

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This is my 2nd post on "Being Canadian".

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  1. i think this is an interesting topic..yesterday me and my tukaya marivic p. dropped by the mall to relax kuno after a hard day's work. told her mag-timhorton's ta ako taya. you know what she said..dili mag-iyahay na ta kay recession karon. then when we passed by bluenotes to ukay-ukay some sale..told $10 na lang t-shirt vic. then she answered again... ibalik na recession karon. i know recession is the expression nowadays...i know we will survive!