Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WHAT’S IN A NAME ? - Part 9

Every morning when the alarm clock goes on, you have to interrupt your LUGTU. Never mind the pleasant DAMGO. Take a shower, using your preferred CHABON, so nobody can say you are dehin GOLEZ. Don’t forget the morning routine at the BAYNO, CORBITA or the ELIADORA. Before you go to work, you have to do your ANDRES-and-BIHIS act to deal with your JACKY or SARDONCILLO (for men) or ESBRA (for ladies) before putting on your TAYLOR-made shirt and JEANs with a BACUS around the waist. Of course, you have to wear your MEJIAS before putting on your DABATOS, which could be either office shoes or safety shoes. On other days, the girls will opt for the more PASION-able LABASTIDA, especially those with ESLIT on the side for a little extra sex appeal regardless of the CORTES ng katawan. Everyone tries to wear ma-GAGARRA na damit. But if your wardrobe is insufficient, please don’t submit to the temptation of YONG-KET-INN ang labada ng kapitbahay. When it rains, you must bring your CAPORTE and your CALO. If your car plan vehicle got a punctured tire due to LANSANG (or NEIL), and you need SACAYAN, you may have to see Amboy to borrow an O.S.CAR. But since the OPEL is with Sarte, and the Mercedes is BEN’s and the ALFA-ROMEO is jointly owned by Saret and del Rosario, you might as well approach Baby to lend you her Toyota PRADO during this emergency. If no vehicle is AVILA-ble, just heed Mejugue’s advise to commute thru public transport: “mag JEFF ka na lang”. According to Ruales, any-TING will do. Kahit OTTO-matic or MANUEL transmission, okey na rin. BELLEZAn mo dapat. Dili ka na mag-JUAT. Otherwise, you will be tardy and your boss will admonish: “Anak ng PURA, OLIS late, FERMIN huli sa BANDE clock. Hindi mo ba alam na ino-OYASAN tayong lahat dito? Dapat laging MAAGAD, hindi ABRAZADO”. Louie seems to have a ready excuse -- he is always LBM but Titus can’t help him with his LAXA-tive.

Despite the diversity in their geographic origins, cultural orientation, social upbringing, academic training, work experiences and linguistic inclinations, NSC people are pretty good in verbal communication. This can be observed from the following situational examples:

SCENE #1: A typical coffee break conversation would go like this: “JAO are you today? Actually, AIDA know exactly what to tell you. DONIO remember that we are supposed to go somewhere this weekend? You mean MOLINA NANAMAN tayong magkakaroon ng overnight excursion? Hindi problema yun dahil ma-LAPID na lugar lang naman. You mean JOHN lang sa tabi-tabi? Oo nga, especially kung DOMANTAYo sa short-cut route, ENSON we will be there. Kung Cagayan or Marawi, next time na lang ako; pero PAGUILIGAN City, kasama ako. ILANO ang kasali sa lakad natin? CALMERIN lahat sasama sa inyo. Then we will need a bigger budget -- it will all COSIO a little amount of money. ALABA tayong excess funds from previous outings? Ikaw na lang ang mag-COLETO ng additional personal donations. Palagi na lang akong nag-contribute, dapat TOMMY naman ang bayad. VILLENA na kayo sa palengke ng food, including isang DECENA na itlog, and ALDO the cooking. Okay, ikaw ang mag-DALANGPAN para meron tayong tinapay at ako naman ang MAGDALAN ng MULETA for our clothes. Sigue, let’s HARRY up, para dili na ma-DONGGAY kaayo.”

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