Friday, September 25, 2009


Hubby and I had a few hours to spare one sunny afternoon and decided to go to Scarborough Bluffs.

While we were struggling to pay for parking (machine only accepts card, not cash) - somebody called us from behind saying "No, No, take your card out!".

Me (to myself) : Oh, my gosh -- just our luck -- here is a nut case.

The guy then said "Filipinos?", and of course I can only say "yeah".

He said "I worked for 14 years with Filipinos in Saudi Arabia and I really liked working with them -- educated people, good natured, very easy to work with". He continued with "I am leaving the park now, my parking ticket is until 9 PM -- don't pay -- I will give them to you".

To all Filipinos who makes every other Filipino proud - Thank You!

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