Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photography. . .Kodachrome

Remember when photography was such a big thing for NSC employees? Although an expensive hobby, some NSC employees did get into it. I'm not sure if those hobbyist used Kodachrome during that time and if they can relate to this piece of news.

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In June 22 2009, Kodak announced to retire KODACHROME Film, concluding its 74-year run.

This is the famous photo by well-known professional photographer Steve McCurry of a young Afghan girl. Cover of National Geographic Magazine in 1985, taken using KODACHROME Film. A true Kodachrome moment.

Sad news for those professional photographers who love Kodachrome but the world of photography moves on giving way to newer films and digital.

For Kodachrome lovers, visit this Tribute to Kodachrome.

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An Invitation :

With this post I am also inviting everyone to submit photos their staycations, vacations, picnics, get togethers, and whatevers.

Maximum of 4 photos will do. It can be sceneries of the places you've been, former NSC employees you met, or just interesting photos of wherever you are..

E-mail them to me at emarene_ph(at)yahoo(dot)com -- and it will be posted (with proper acknowledgements) in this blog. (No long write ups necessary, unless you want to.)

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