Friday, October 30, 2009

Free fo All Fridays - E

E for the English language!

If there is one thing we are thankful to the Americans, it was forcing the English language on us. Now, wherever the Pinoy goes, he blends. What made me think about this was my recent experiences at the TIFF.

1) During the Q and A after the showing of the Filipino film, Dining Sana Kita - a Caucasian asked
"In the movie, the characters spoke English and switched back and forth to a different language. How at ease are Filipinos in the English language?"

When it was asked, almost everyone of the Filipino audience gave a sigh and a whisper "yes, we are". Director Sandejas replied about English being our medium of instruction and then a bit of plugging. "For those of you who have not been to the Philippines, go visit the country as you will not be lost, almost everyone understands and can speak English". Good answer, good answer.

2) Meanwhile during the Q & A of a Uruguay film - they had to have an interpreter as the director did not speak English. What added insult to injury too was that most questions asked were also in Spanish. Too bad for us non Spanish speaking audience.

3) I have seen a several directors who struggle to reply in English -- and I think, once it goes through an interpreter -- something gets lost in translation. Proud of Manny Pacquaio who never asks for an interpreter and answers in English after any fight.

Thanks to my English teachers!

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