Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Say It Again

In the GTA, listen well or have someone say it again. Here’s why:
You don't say "Yong-ge" when referring to Yonge – the world’s longest street. You say “Young”.

Grosvenor – the street and family name is not “Gros-ve-nor”, it is pronounced “Gruvs-nor”, or "Grov-nor".

Don't ever say you are in "Pa-pe" subway station. Pape is pronounced "Payp".

Etobicoke – is not "E-to-bi-cok", to get it right say "E-tou-bi-kou"

After Etobicoke, there is Mississauga, which is not "Misi-sawga", but "Misi-sa-ga"

And lastly, Vaughan, the city above Toronto, is not called “Vaug-han”. They call the place “Vauhn”.

If you are new, don't worry - we've all been through the same boo-boo.
And if you think they are confusing - wait until you start learning French. You will be most happy just knowing how to say Merci Beaucoup (pronounced "Mer-se Bo-koo") - meaning many thanks.

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