Monday, March 9, 2009

Comments on Previous Posts - from Texas

Giving space to the comments of former colleague Dutch, on 2 posts.

Nursing, Anyone? ( 1/07/2009)

Comment :
Bong, duha na ta. If I had consulted a guidance counselor in my early years in college, I would probably have taken up Nursing and wouldn't be too worried about job security.

Compare Nursing with IT careers.

With IT, versions change every 3 years or so by leaps and bounds, on some cases, depending on the application, these would require overhauling of what you had learned in the past. With Nursing, changes are incremental and cumulative.

IT jobs are getting scarce these days and as you age, slimmer still. If you are a nurse and are fed up with your current work, you can leave it any time, take an extended vacation, and find work the very same week you apply for one in almost any city you'd prefer to relocate.

Thus, my advice to the young who are about to enter the halls of the universities; if you are still undecided which path to take, go Nursing - you can't go wrong.

Tribute to a Friend and Brother

Comment :

I first came to know Jed at the ROTC grounds of Silliman. I saw this huge guy in fatigues lumbering across the field and couldn't help but comment to myself that the commandant wasn't wrong in picking him for an MP - I'd stay away from trouble and from his path any time of the day. I did not get to know him well back then.

Not until I joined NSC did I get to learn that underneath this huge guy was a fellow with a proportionally large heart. Jed was a good listener who'd gladly lend an ear and would let you try to see the brighter side of an otherwise gloomy situation. I'd often witness this happening between him and some of my friends.

And an excellent debater he was - I'd often hear Jed and RL Layumas argue almost anything, almost anywhere - at the H&C Cafe, Veranda, among other places.

I was saddened to hear about his demise but at the same time I am glad that he has finally been reunited with his Creator.

It is indeed difficult to write about a friend in the past tense - Farewell, my friend. Farewell Jed.


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